Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Antarctica in 3D!

Here's a first round of stereo images from Taylor Valley. The camera that I'm using has two lenses that are spaced about eye-ball distance apart. As a result, if you look at these images full screen, and gently cross your eyes, you'll see the two images begin to converge into a third image. When the the two pairs are lined up, relax your eyes a little, and you'll see the image in 3D! I'll process the whole batch of stereo images I've taken when I get back to Portland, and will post easier-to-see red/blue 3D images and stereo pairs for folks with fancy 3D TVs.

An island in the middle of Lake Hoare. Canada Glacier in the background. The lake ice cover has smooth, more melted areas, and rough areas that are in the process of melting. 

This is one of the LTER weather stations. There's an anemometer (wind guage), snow collector (the big trumpet-shaped thing in the background), sunlight sensors, and more.

Robert Falcon Scott--the famed explorer. Not getting the respect he deserves in Christchurch.

My tent at the Lake Hoare camp. The lake is in the background, and some of my permafrost sample sites are in the background across the lake. 

More images to come!